Car Racing Game Seat
Best Car Racing Game Seat

OpenWheeler is a single seater driving chair designed for maximum driving satisfaction from your racing car games. OpenWheeler's reclining racing game seat simulator comes with a real car seat sliding mechanism as a standard ($40 or £40 with PlaySeat, not available with GameRacer at all). OpenWheeler works with all kinds of steering wheels.

Car Racing Game Seat
Open Wheeler Car Racing Game Seats
OpenWheeler Car Driving Simulator for Mac
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Great gamer's experience.

Unlike other game simulator seats, OpenWheeler comes with an extra sliding apparatus for sliding forwards and backwards. It's a standard accessory. You would not have to spend an additional $40 and set it up yourself subsequently, like with Playseat. The OpenWheeler game racing simulator cockpit is not costly. To grab it, you have to pay as little as $400 (four hundred US dollars) (USA, Canada) or 270 GBP (UK, Europe).

Car Racing Game Seat

Intending to acquire a Thrustmaster racing wheel? Will OpenWheeler function with it? This is a quite heavy and huge racing wheel system?

We didn't even have to alter OpenWheeler's design or any of its components! It totally performed right from the start! Thrustmaster T500 RS kind of confirmed how stable and upgradeable OpenWheeler...

Compatibility with all sorts of gaming platforms and video racing simulation games

Racing Game Simulator Review Receiving the most out of the present-day home video driving simulation games has never been so possible. Contemporary exceptionally powerful video game consoles such as PS 3, Xbox and Wii,...